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Air Purifiers

Do you need help choosing the right purifier?

Advice on the selection of a suitable air purifier can be found below.

What air purifier should I choose?

You can choose from our 3 types of purifiers, depending on the kinds of air impurities in your interior:

SENSE Vital Air ALL - Suitable for every home and office.It is most effective in removingall kinds of air impurities in interiors (both solid and gaseous). It contains a pre-filter for larger solid impurities (visible dust, dandruff, hair, etc.), a robust filter for solid impurities (invisible dust, pollen, mites, mould, smog, soot, cigarette/kitchen/heating smoke, etc.) and a robust filter for gaseous impurities (odours, flue gases, carcinogenic substances from smoke, etc.).
SENSE Vital Air ODOR - thanks to its extremely robust filter for gaseous impurities, it is suitable for interiors requiring the highly efficient removal of odours and vapours (e.g. from cleaning and cosmetic products), flue gases (e.g. CO, CO2), toxic substances (e.g. hydrogen sulphide, ammonia), carcinogenic and mutagenic volatile organic compounds (VOCs) (e.g. formaldehyde, benzene, toluene, acetone, etc. released from chipboard, plasterboard, glued furniture, carpets, floors, printers and millions of other products). Its pre-filter also cleans larger solid impurities (not smaller ones) from the interior.
SENSE Vital Air PM - its extremely robust filter for solid impurities (dust, pollen, mites, mould, smog, soot, cigarette/kitchen/heating smoke, etc.) makes it suitable for interiors with extremely high levels of this type of pollution. The purifier also contains a pre-filter for larger dirt (visible dust, dandruff, hair, etc.). This purifier does not clean gaseous impurities (odours, flue gases, carcinogenic substances from smoke, etc.).
You can select the type of wood (oak, ebony, etc.) for the top hoop of the purifier as well as the colour of its body.

Where the air purifier should be placed?

The purifier is suitable for any room of your apartment or house. Living room, children’s room, bedroom, kitchen, study, gym, etc. Wherever and whenever you need it. Do not hesitate to move the purifier from one room to another – our purifiers have casters. Our purifiers are also suitable for other types of interiors (offices, workshops, medical waiting rooms, wellness and beauty centres, schools (classrooms, reading rooms, libraries), shops, restaurants, etc.).

If there are multiple people with health problems in your household (sufferers of allergies, asthma, breathing difficulties, cardiovascular diseases, frequent migraines, tiredness or headaches, acute illnesses, etc.) or a pregnant woman, child or elderly person, or if it is a smoking household, you can buy another purifier (e.g. one in the living room and the other in the children’s room).

How do I use the air purifier?

  • The purifier should ideally run for the entire duration that people remain in the room.
  • In households with allergy and asthma sufferers, smokers, children, elderly persons, a pregnant woman, people with respiratory problems, cardiovascular diseases or other illnesses, one room should be ideally cleaned for at least 2 hours (i.e. process the air in the room by the purifier 3 times per hour – 6 times in 2 hours).
  • If you do not have any health problems, it is enough to process the air in the room 1.5 times per hour (3 times in 2 hours).
  • The faster, the better” DOES NOT APPLY HERE. On the contrary! Clean the air for a longer time (i.e. slower, at the lowest speed) rather than a short time (i.e. fast, at higher speeds)! The air impurities will then be optimally collected in the filter bodies, which leads to the most effective removal of impurities and the longer service life of filters.
  • The purifier, just like air conditioning, works best with closed windows, doors and other building openings.
  • DO NOT FORGET that dirty filters will NOT clean the air in the room! The air processed by the purifier will remain polluted. Change filters! In this regard, it is similar to filters in your car or in your kitchen hood.
For complete information on how to properly use our air purifier, see the User Manual here.

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