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Information service

For your better information, you can also visit the following links to practical air quality services provided in the Czech Republic.

Pollen service

The Pollen Information Service (PIS) exists in most European countries, including the Czech Republic. It is a professional service that monitors the content of pollen and other biological objects (impurities) in the air. It creates forecasts for the next period (can be sent by e-mail or SMS). The processed data helps physicians and patients improve treatment. In the Czech Republic, the atmosphere is monitored by 11 monitoring stations. Be informed using www.pylovasluzba.cz

Current state of the air in the Czech Republic

Report on the Environment in the Czech Republic 2015

The Report of the Ministry of the Environment issued in December 2016 summarizes the state of the environment in the Czech Republic in 2015.

Besides the state of the air, it also includes water, soil, forest and waste management of the Czech Republic, transport and industry. You can find the report here.