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Do you know who the biggest air polluter in your area is?

Find out from the latest available data here (link to http://www.znecistovatele.cz/) including an interactive map of the pollution of individual components of the environment in the Czech Republic (air, water, soil). Just enter your address and you’ll see everything clearly.

You will also find the ranking of the 10 biggest polluters per area according to the type and amount of the pollutant (so-called Integrated Pollution Register charts, www.irz.cz).

The Arnika non-profit organization (www.arnika.org) collects this data as part of the project “Znečišťovatelé pod lupou” (polluters under a magnifying glass) supported by a grant from the Ministry of the Environment in the Czech Republic. Arnika is a recognized non-profit organization that tries to keep the public informed about the pollution of the environment (not only in the Czech Republic) and the effects of pollution on human health. Arnika’s main goal in this area is to use the pressure of legislation and public opinion to initiate steps to reduce the amount of harmful substances in the environment. In the future, Arnika’s main goal will be to prevent lobbyists from limiting or revoking the Integrated Pollution Register and to alert the public and the government of the need to extend the Register by other harmful substances and to tighten their limits.