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Our Vision / Mission / Values

The vision of SENSE is to continuously contribute to the improvement of everyone’s health by increasing the quality of interior air. Whether it is households, offices, leisure facilities (sports grounds, study rooms, etc.), workshops, schools or other interiors.


Our goal is a completely satisfied and loyal customer. Everything we think about, what we talk about, what we do and produce and how we behave is aimed at full customer satisfaction and loyalty. To convince customers that our company knows them, understands their needs, that they can rely on us, that they have real reasons to repeatedly return to our company with the confidence that they will always find solutions for their needs and problems. That is why they remain loyal to us. We are striving for long-term mutually beneficial relationships.


How we fulfil our goal (our values):

  • by the quality and reliability of our existing and new products
  • by the reliability, quality and timeliness of our services (e.g. advice, information, measurement)
  • by the quality and timeliness of the servicing (warranty as well as post-warranty) of our products
  • by the professionalism of our activities and communication (with our current as well as potential customers, professional and lay public)
  • and many other activities to maximize the satisfaction and loyalty of all our customers in the long run.