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Who we are and why we are dealing with air purification

The roots of SENSE Vital Air date back to 1991 (SENSE, s.r.o.), when we started business activities in the field of information technology – especially integrated systems for voice, picture and video transmission in the local mode. Our most important clients were the Thomayer Hospital in Prague, IKEM in Prague, the Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs, the Ministry of Industry and Trade, Tax Offices of the Central Bohemian Region, etc. In 2005, we expanded our activities with the sphere of development projects (construction of e.g. Penny Market in Kynšperk nad Ohří or the Pyramida apartment building in Mariánské Lázně).

In 2012, we started to use experience from the area of advanced IT solutions to improve everyone’s lives – where we spend the most time – indoors (at home, work, offices, shops, restaurants, etc.). This is because we started cooperating with a prestigious Canadian company in the field of top-quality interior air purification. This was the basis for our own product, SENSE Vital Air purifier, which is the only air purifier both sold on the Czech market and produced on the Czech market. The purifier is of the highest possible quality and efficiently removes all kinds of airborne impurities.


Business opportunities were not the only things that pushed me in the direction of interior air purification. I overcame a pulmonary embolism, when doctors said that usually only 30 % of patients survive. I could hardly breathe. These are not nice memories, but they have unambiguously confirmed the right direction of business activities, which suddenly created a new dimension in tune with my better and healthier life. In SENSE, we therefore know well how important the quality of the air we breathe is – every minute on average 12 times, each time at least 0.5 litres of air. In 24 hours, that’s about 10 cubic metres of air per adult!!! Such a huge amount of air gives an opportunity for air pollutants to degrade this air and damage our health. That is why the purity of the inhaled air is critical, especially where we spend up to 90 % of time – indoors. The fact that this is a serious issue is also confirmed by the fact that the quality of interior air is among the world’s five largest health risks originating from the environment.


There are several myths about the quality of interior air, including the myth that inhaled air in the room is mostly polluted from the outside environment. This is not true. The truth proven in practice is that:

  • air in the room is 2 to 5 times more polluted than the outside air
  • the outside air that enters rooms through ventilation or building openings only brings one third of pollutants into the room
  • the remaining two thirds originate from the interior itself – furniture, floors, partitions and other building materials, but also from smoking, cooking, heating, etc.

There are also myths about where it is better to live: in a city or a village. In fact, the gap between the city and the village is disappearing: we are all exposed to harmful ozone, cities also to an increased effect of smog, villages to an increased amount of plant allergens (pollen) and pesticides (chemicals for the control of plant and animal pests – fungicides, herbicides, insecticides, etc.). We are all exposed to emissions from factories, heating plants and other industrial plants. However, this list does not stop there... The goal of SENSE is therefore not only to sell our highly efficient air purifiers that help improve health, but also to educate, in particular the lay public and end users. The growing proportion of people with allergies and asthma approaching 50 % of the population (both in the Czech Republic and in Europe) makes us work towards this goal even harder!


Today, we know a lot about what we eat and drink. But little about what we breathe! Make a point of knowing what you breathe! And by that, decide to become healthier!!! This reflects on the quality and length of your life and the life of other members of your household, your loved ones! We can influence the quality of interior air by ourselves! (improving the quality of outdoor air is a long haul, with big powerful competition, e.g. power plants, factories, transportation) Let’s at least breathe clean air in our homes!


Let me finish with the slogan “SENSE. Quality that makes sense.“ It makes sense for a more active, longer and healthier life for all of us!

I wish you good health


Karel Semerák

Owner of SENSE Vital Air